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 Are you a safe driver? Why not test your skill and knowledge by taking one of the safe driving quizzes provided by the Canada Safety Council.

- General Commercial Crime and Fire Prevention
- Ensure that all exterior doors have deadbolt locks with a minimum one inch bolt into the strike plate.
- Secure exposed exterior door hinge pins to prevent their removal.
- Protect all grade floor glass through the use of bars, metal screens or burglary resistant glazing materials.
- Install a burglar alarm system that is monitored offsite. Look for a system certified by the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC).
- Continually check for unsafe work conditions and practices, and take prompt corrective action.
- Provide serviced, multi-purpose fire extinguishers on your premises and instruct all staff in their use.
- Protecting Your Computer Equipment & Data
- Clamp or lock PCs to desks/work stations. Security kits are available at a nominal cost.
- Back-up data and programs on a regular basis and store them offsite in a secure location.
- Laptop computers are portable and easy targets for theft. Do not leave them unsecured or unattended.
- Maintain records of serial numbers for all of your computer equipment.
- Business Interruption Prevention
- Employ the services of a professional accountant to:
- Prepare financial statements.
- Perform an annual audit of your books.
- Maintain a list of secondary suppliers of materials in the event your primary supplier suffers a loss.
- Be prepared with a plan of action of how you will continue to service your customers while your premises are being repaired after a loss. This will help you to avoid losing your customer base. Consider availability of temporary premises where you can resume operations immediately.
- Reduce the physical and moral hazards that could cause loss to your business.
- Duplicate your business records and store them off-site; in the event that your premises are damaged, you will have documents to substantiate any business interruption loss.