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Contractors' Loss Prevention Tips

- Focus on pre-job and pre-task planning. The principle of planning the work and working the plan should be followed.
- All tools and equipment should be kept in a locked area at all times when not in use.

- All tools should be stamped with an identification number to assist in recovery. Tools should be painted with bright, easily recognizable colours to assist their easy identification.
- Any onsite storage of materials should be in a secure storage area. Where the materials are considered a high target, they should be kept inside a building in a locked area or brought to the site only when they are needed.
- Warning signs should be posted limiting access and indicating the safety equipment required to gain entry.
- All electrical cords that pass through pedestrian areas should be secured so that tripping is avoided.
- All mud or water on public traffic areas should be cleaned regularly.
- The local utilities should be contacted to locate underground services in the event that any excavations are to be performed.
- All flammable liquids used should be stored in approved safety containers.
- All hotwork should be controlled. Combustibles should be removed at least 11 metres from the hotwork. If this is not possible non-combustible shields should be used. A fire watch should be provided for at least a half-hour after the hotwork is completed. All hotwork permit regulations must be followed.
- All combustible refuse created during the work should be cleaned up regularly. Oily rags should be separated and stored in metal containers with tight fitting lids.
- Fire extinguishers of the appropriate type should be available at all times.
- Certificates of liability should be obtained from all subcontractors to ensure they are maintaining adequate liability coverage.
- All new equipment should be tested and inspected when the work is completed. Customers should sign off the job once complete.
- Ensure that the project complies with all applicable codes and standards.
- Records of all jobs including plans, testing documents and approvals should be maintained.