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Retail Loss Prevention Tips

 - Never store combustible material such as cardboard or paper near heaters or electrical equipment and remove combustible waste on a regular basis.
- In sprinklered buildings, keep stock more than 18 inches below the sprinkler heads, so as not to interfere with the system's effectiveness in the event of a fire.

 - Avoid overloading electrical outlets, particularly in older buildings equipped with fuses instead of circuit breakers.
- Keep all of your stock off the floor, stored on skids, shelves, or racks.
- Make sure the front, rear and interior of your business premises are well lit, particularly when closed for business.
- Arrange the interior layout of the store so that the till area is clearly visible from the exterior of the building.
- Limit the amount of cash in the till by using a safe or money-limiting device.
- If your store is open long hours, consider the installation of closed circuit television cameras and hold-up alarms.
- Make regular bank deposits, but vary the timing of the deposits and the route taken.
- Install anti-shoplifting devices and surveillance equipment or keep high priced merchandise under lock and key in display cases.
- Ensure that life and safety features such as fire alarms, exit signs and emergency lights are operational and serviced as per applicable fire code specifications.
- Do not block exits with stock or equipment. Ensure that all exit doors are unlocked during store hours.